Beyond the State

Governance, Legality, and Political Morality

Beginning Friday, September 29th until Sunday, October 1st, the Ontario Legal Philosophy Partnership will host its 2017 Philosophy of Law Conference, "Governance, Legality, and Political Morality Beyond the State" at the Waterfront Hotel in Burlington, Ontario. The conference aims to clarify and address a number of tightly interconnected philosophical questions regarding institutional policies implemented to address global and transnational crises, including but not limited to transnational public health issues, climate change, human rights, responses to humanitarian crises, migration across state boundaries, and the adjudication and punishment of war crimes and crimes against humanity. 



thursday, 10/05   at 10h00 Eastern Standard Time

 Dr. Amrita Narlikar (German Institute of Global and Area Studies/ University of Hamburg) "Reforming Globalisation via the G20: Process, Protest, and Promise"

The final keynote session, to be given by Amrita Narlikar, will take place on Thursday, October 5th at 16h00 (GMT+2) and will be available to all conference participants via the BlueJeans Primetime online video platform.

 The abstract for the paper is as followed: 

"In this paper, I focus on the recent G20 summit in Hamburg as an important opportunity for reforming globalisation. I argue that this G20 summit went much further than previous ones to improve inclusiveness and accountability of process. I demonstrate that the outcomes of the Summit are extremely promising. I further investigate the reasons for the protests that surrounded the summit, in spite of the improvements in process. My central argument is that although the Hamburg Summit deserves to be treated as a positive landmark moment that laid the seeds for a reformed globalisation, it also unveiled the many challenges that global governance faces today. In the final section of the paper, I offer some ideas whereby these challenges might be overcome."

For more information about Amrita Narlikar, please follow this link to her website: